Welcome to Red Ladder, Optimized Learning

Everyone learns differently. For some people, learning is a real struggle. At Red Ladder Optimized Learning, we identify what's causing learning problems, and help children, teens, and adults toward more success in school and in life.

Red Ladder Optimized Learning is an independent practice psychology centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We provide accessible, comprehensive, useful evaluation and treatment services.

Many conditions and situations can reduce a person's ability to learn and grow. Red Ladder Optimized Learning approaches problems affecting learning by first working to find out how a person learns—understanding his or her learning style—and identifying specific areas of strength and difficulty. We identify and diagnose learning disorders such as ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder), Language-Based learning problems (including Dyslexia), or other learning problem, emotional or stress-related difficulty, affecting learning and life. We also identify and address problems associated with giftedness.

Evaluation, feedback, and reporting is a process of collecting and integrating information from many sources about a client. We work to understand the specifics of the current problem—when it began, how it developed, and how it affects the personʼs life and his or her family. We provide useful findings to clients, their families, or both, and offer strategies for intervention. Where appropriate, we prepare a practical, comprehensive, understandable written report of our findings, with diagnosis and recommendations for optimizing a client's learning.

Depending upon the nature of the problem affecting a person and their family, there are different interventions worth consideration. Individual counseling or coaching, psychotherapy, family therapy or parent training, or group-based treatment may be helpful. Where appropriate, we can consult with schools, workplaces, or government bodies about a personʼs needs, and we may suggest referrals to other professionals, including medical doctors, occupational therapists, reading clinicians, speech and language clinicians, audiologists, optometrists, and tutors.