Fees, Payment, and Insurance

In assessing fees for our services, we generally follow the recommendations of the Manitoba Psychological Society (MPS). Fees currently recommended by MPS are at:


Psychological Treatment:

Professional fees are for psychological treatment (psychotherapy, family therapy, couple therapy, coaching, etc.) are based on 50-minute-long blocks of time. We assess fees for appointment times longer than 50 minutes, and for telephone calls or other consultations longer than 10 minutes, and for communications by email proportionally at this fee.

Psychological Evaluation: 

Professional fees are for psychological assessment are also based on 50-minute-long blocks of time. Fees are applicable to all time spent on an evaluation, including time spent:

The total time required for a specific evaluation can only be estimated in advance. The process could be as little as a couple of hours, or much longer, depending upon the type and complexity of issues involved, the number of people we need to interview (teachers, physicians, etc.), and the way in which a client works through testing activities.

A very general breakdown of assessment fees follows.

Multiplying this breakdown by the hourly fee, total fees will range from approximately $1,600 to $3,000. However, total fees for an evaluation are most commonly around $2000.